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In the age of technology, it’s hard to get away from the screens that take up much of our daily lives. Although technology allows us to have information so easily accessible, staying constantly connected and “plugged in” to social media has been known to cause some negative effects such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. A great way to de-stress and “unplug” is to do just that; unplug yourself from cell phones, computers, tablets and any other screens you may have in your life.

Make A Resolution
With New Year’s right around the corner, making a resolution to have less screen time can be a great way to help reboot your mind. Whether you plan a day to unplug for 24 hours or once a week, depending on your schedule and what you can stick to, you can benefit significantly in removing yourself from the daily stresses of social media.

Start Small
Promoting personal wellness by unplugging can be a difficult task to stick with. Starting with small goals can be an easier commitment to give you a mental break. Sometimes staring at a lighted screen just before you go to sleep can leave you feeling groggy and tired in the morning. Turning your phone off at a particular time during the evening before bed can help promote a better sleep cycle — a small step to improving your mental wellness.

Ways to Reboot
Finding other ways to spend your time away from technology will make it easier to unplug yourself and recharge. Going to the gym or doing any type of exercise is an excellent way to remove yourself from the digital world and focus on yourself and your wellbeing. Go outside, plan a fun experience, play with your furry friends, and get your mind on what’s happening in real time.

Technology wellness is something that we can all learn to practice in order to keep our minds healthy and functioning with fewer distractions. Being surrounded by so much technology on a daily basis can make it very difficult to get ourselves out of a mental funk. Taking just a few small steps can really invigorate and recharge your mind for the better. Utilize some digital free time and place your focus on important things such as relationships with family and friends and the hobbies and activities you enjoy most.