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When you used to hear the term wellness retreat or wellness travel, your mind automatically goes to spa retreats of many types. Wellness travel is being remodeled to include stimulation for the mind and body, involving nature and meditation to create a holistic and total body experience. Traveling to improve your overall wellness can transform your outlook on life and create balance and tranquility in your mental and physical health.

Although spa retreats and travel that includes extensive pampering for oneself was once a huge draw, wellness travel and resorts have become popular over the last few years. People understand the desire and need for transformative travel and spas all over the world are being turned into adventure retreats to focus on nature, fitness, and food.

Hotels are popping up all over the world, incorporating this transformative travel into their accommodations. Beth McGroarty, who is the research director of the Global Wellness Institute explains, “Transformative travel is typically defined as something that wraps you up in story, is extremely emotional, challenges you and shakes up your life.” Many hotel and spa directors are even going as far as finding the right balance in room setup to promote healthier sleep patterns for their guests.

A few of the additions to the wellness travel hotels include yoga sessions, both indoors and outdoors, hiking trails, food experiences, creative outlets, and cultural programs. One of the most significant offerings is a wide range of nutritional options with food and courses on how to cook while considering the effect on the environment and being conscious of what we put into our bodies.

Another way to travel is by taking a trip on a wellness cruise. In the coming year, there will be a cruise line strictly dedicated to wellness which will incorporate a complete fitness facility complete with biking, spinning, yoga, soccer, golf and batting cage simulators. Anyone looking to take their wellness trips out on the high seas will be excited to see a cruise line coming in the very near future.

With wellness travel, there are many options depending on the trip and experience you are seeking. The popularity of wellness travel continues to grow each year. Hotels and resorts are taking great notice to this demand and will continue to utilize wellness offerings, giving way to a  life-changing and transformative experience for their guests. The inclusion of healthy nutrition, fitness, and nature, is the way of the future for travel and helps to create the best overall wellness travel.