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In practicing a life of wellness, there are many different ways to be more mindful of how you live your day to day life. One way that creates a more conscious way of living is by incorporating meditation into your daily routine. This is not always the most viable way of doing so as many people are constantly busy and don’t necessarily have the time to sit down and meditate regularly.

Psychiatrists who teach and practice wellness living say there are other ways to be mindful when you don’t have the allotted time to put into meditation each day. Mindfulness touches many aspects of our lives. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can practice mindfulness in your day to day life.

Driving in a big city through rush hour traffic can leave you riddled with anxiety, anger, and impatience. Unfortunately, it’s a large part of most people’s commutes to work during the week. An example of practicing mindful driving is by placing a note in your car as a reminder. This note will trigger you to drive mindfully.

While you’re stuck in traffic, you can focus on the things around you that you wouldn’t normally notice. This also includes the things around you in your car and how you feel while sitting in your car specifically. Think about how you drive and start to drive with a more open and peaceful mind. This can reduce the sense of annoyance you feel when being caught in a situation you can’t control.

Mindful eating is another way to practice daily mindfulness. As humans in this day and age, we are constantly on the move, never stopping to enjoy our surroundings or even sit down and have a proper meal. When you begin to think more about what you are putting in your body, you become mindful when you eat.

Slowing down is a great way to practice mindfulness. Try to relieve yourself of all the distractions such as scrolling through your phone, watching tv, checking your emails, etc. When you remove the distractions, you can focus on your food, how it tastes, how it feels when you chew and swallow, and once you begin to do so, you can start thinking about where the food you are eating comes from.

Mindfulness can come into play in the most basic everyday tasks. It’s easy to incorporate this type of wellness into your life to ensure you are living your life mindfully and keeping yourself in check.