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In thinking about the wellness in ourselves, it’s also important to think about the wellness in our pets. For most of us, our pets are family and our best friends, so why wouldn’t we want them to stick around as long as they can and make sure they live a healthy lifestyle? A pets life is not much different from our own, in that they need proper care for them to stay happy and healthy.

One of the biggest things you can do is take the time to research your particular breed of animal. In doing so, you can learn a lot about how to best take care of them. Each breed has a  different life span and requires a specific diet. This is especially important as your pets reach their adult and senior age. Deciding when to switch them over to a senior diet is vital to make sure their body stays healthy as they continue to age.

Exercise is necessary to keep the body and joints moving correctly and maintain a healthy weight. Your pets need exercise just as much as you do. Taking your dog for a walk, playing with your cat, making sure your hamster has a wheel in their cage to utilize, are all ways to keep your pet moving as they continue to get older.

Food is also a huge element in health for your pets. When you research the types of ingredients that are toxic for your pet, you become more aware of what you should and shouldn’t buy. Going into a pet store, you will most likely find an excessive amount of toxic ingredients in these mass produced labels. Although many veterinarians will say that a small amount of these ingredients will not harm your pets, in sticking to a holistic approach, you want to cut out any unhealthy options from the mix.

The best option for you and your pet is to find a veterinarian who encourages wellness and a holistic lifestyle. You will feel better in knowing they are looking out for your pets best interest and optimal health. Pets are only around for a certain amount of time. It’s important to give them all the love and attention we can. We are the ones who must look out for their best interest and give them the healthy life they deserve.